Using gratitude as part of your growth strategy

gratitude as growth strategy

Expressing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to grow your business. And the cheapest. Richard Branson is literally the best example I can give of founding hundreds of companies, underpinned by a simple ethos.

Using gratitude as part of your growth strategy

Gratitude is easy but not often harnessed for its incredible positive impacts. Now, however, technology has evolved to the point where gratitude can be used as a tool to grow your business. Delivering recognition – anytime, anywhere.

Modern employee recognition programs function like a central nervous system for culture. Providing you with signals as to how your business is feeling and performing. Collecting the stories that shape your culture and the metrics around those championing it.

One of our clients, Amicus Group, are a team of building and interior designers who create incredible working environments to bring incredible cultures to life. So it makes sense that they also believe in the power of recognition. They wanted to give their 80 employees across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, a tool to bring their values to life, to celebrate each other’s achievements and just say thanks.

Using Redii, they launched a program called ‘Amicus Achievers’ with their values of teamwork, positivity and accountability at the core. Here’s how it works:


Employees are encouraged to celebrate team members, and so Amicus have a peer to peer award that employees can nominate each other for. And according to James Kemp, co-CEO of Amicus Group, this has “made a significant difference in reinforcing one of the values of his company, teamwork”.

From a psychological perspective, recognition does two things.Firstly, it talks to the basic human need for esteem. What we’re doing is actually useful, noticed, appreciated. Secondly, it reinforces the other basic human need for ‘connection’:Someone cared enough to say thank you. Connection is what forms powerful teams. Teams who work together for the good of the whole and appreciates the role of each individual in the big picture.


Senior Leaders at Amicus Group get together once a month to identify the people who have gone above and beyond, and lived the values of teamwork, accountability and positivity. After the selection, those lucky employees receive a monthly award of further Redii points.

Having recognition delivered and – importantly – acknowledged by senior leaders within the organisation again contributes to those two core human needs of belonging and esteem. And it’s also proven to drive employee engagement, unlocking discretionary effort and commercial outcomes for business. Your team genuinely want to give you more!

If you are in the process of scaling or changing, an online recognition tool can help you harness and celebrate the behaviours you want to see in your business to drive success.

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