Thriving Employees

Thriving Employees

The health of any business is often defined in financial terms. As long as targets are being met or beaten, as long as shareholders are being paid, It’s healthy.

Here at Redii we believe in two measures. One is commercial success, the second is whether that success is achieved through employees who are Thriving at work.

Is it ok to continue to drive high fiscal returns but with a culture of burnout, an increase in stress and anxiety, poor engagement and employees who are merely just surviving? We don’t think that sounds like success.

In our years of experience we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing research around what drives employee engagement. But in the last year we’ve complemented that with lust for knowledge around what makes people Thrive. It’s more than just engagement. It’s how people feel in and out of work, it’s the energy they bring. It’s what moves people forward each day.

The general consensus around Thriving at Work is that it comprises of two dimensions:

Vitality – is the positive feeling of having energy available, feelings of aliveness.

Growth – is the sense that one is acquiring and can apply knowledge and skills.

Both have to work in concert for the individual to truly Thrive.

What’s the upside of Thriving employees?

Thriving can drive career development initiative for employees through better overall health.
It can positively impact stress and anxiety and therefore absenteeism
It promotes a culture of innovation, meaning more productivity and engagement
It impacts attrition and overall profitability.

How do you encourage Thriving?

Employees don’t just Thrive without the conditions to do so. The first step for any organisation is to look internally at how it encourages or inhibits Thriving behaviours.

There are 3 conditions that promote Thriving:
1. Discretion
2. Information sharing
3. Trust and respect

Look closely at the culture you have created? Are these conditions present? If not, what needs to change?

Consider how you might include Thriving Employees as a measure of your businesses success this year.

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