Much like Maslow’s Hierarchy, there are certain elements of the employee experience that are absolutely essential, and others that when invested in can really make the difference to your people (and your bottom line).

The top levels are generally only achieved by the best of employers, but they’re not that hard to reach if you invest in getting to know your people and what makes them tick.

Here we’ve attempted to articulate a clear path to achieving a truly engaged community of employees.

Basic Needs

Access to a safe working environment, and the absolute basics like bathrooms, fresh air and appropriate rest and food breaks.


People are offered the appropriate training and development opportunities to ensure they are capable of fulfiling their duties

Community & Connection

Creating an environment where people feel understood and appreciated is key to harnessing discretionary effort and loyalty.


Status, recognition and rewards for achievement will take your employee experience up another level.

Purpose, Passion & Fulfilment

There is a shared purpose between the organisation and the people, and true alignment to the plan.