The magic of Redii

Redii helps organisations to become a best place to work while reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

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Bring your Culture to life

Company values are not just frames on a boardroom wall. They are there to be lived. Every piece of recognition sent in Redii can be tagged with one of your company values.

Our dashboards show you how your values are being lived across your business.

See your values in action!


Don’t we all wish we knew what was going on all the time? Redii captures achievements as they happen.

The recognition wall allows employees to view, like and comment on the achievements of their peers. Bringing your culture to life.

The best part of it? Redii allows you to track, record and report on the values lived in your organisation, the individuals who have been recognised, how many times and team performance activity. Redii is an employee recognition game changer!

Slack Integration

We know working environments can get busy. With Redii, you can send recognition straight from slack without missing the significant milestones of your peers and teammates.

Mobile Responsive

Redii unites teams on and off-site. Our state of the art new mobile-first redesign facilitates employee engagement and communication between employees working from remote locations.


Only available on Slack but launching soon to different work platforms. Our chatbot allows you to send recognition to your peers without logging in to the Redii platform.

Rewards Shop

We got over 3,000 rewards to chose in our Redii shop. RedBalloon, Wrapped, The Iconic, Flight Centre, Rebel Sports, Experiences, Getaways, Gadgets are only a few of thousands of rewards available.

HR Analytics

Understand how your culture is living your company values and make the necessary adjustments - trends and insights of whats driving you people, identify top talent and the most highly engaged teams.

Account Management

You'll find Redii customer service super friendly. With a people-centric approach, we are here to support you on your journey to create a great workplace.

Automate the recognition of milestones and events

Death to the manual process of tracking, remembering and actioning employee milestones. No more quick dashes to the shops or stockpiling gift cards!

With Redii you can automate recognition of length of service and employees birthdays. The best part? Zero ongoing administration.

Redii is all about celebrations and now, with our state of the art mobile and desktop interfaces, you can add emojis to your messages!

employee recognition icons


100% customisable

Customise your program with your own corporate image. With easy steps change the look and feel of your program, create unique icons to ilustrate your awards and values. With Redii you can change:

Name of your program

Look and Feel of your program

Award Icons of your program

Personalised internal communications

Custom fields

Workforce Analytics

Get all the data behind your employees! Program Values Recognised,Top Teams Sending Recognition, Top Teams Receiving Recognition, Recognitions sent by employees and more...

41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction