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Employee Recognition and Reward Software

Employee Recognition and Reward Program


Democratise recognition by giving your employees the autonomy to recognise each other in line with your values and behaviours.

Build relationships inside teams, across teams, in multiple locations and even around the world. Redii’s mobile interface and integrations connect those on the road with those in the office, and help remote employees feel connected to the business and its people.

Employee Recognition Software

Workplace Analytics

Find your true believers; the employees championing your culture and making a significant contribution to your workplace.


Report on how your values are being lived across your business, review engagement in your program at individual, team or department level and empower your managers with dashboards and tailored insights on their team.

Employee Recognition Software

Integrations that make life easy

SSO and Payroll integrations make it easy for you to onboard and welcome users. RSS to your intranet or screens to display the recognition happening, in the moment.

Communications integrations, Slack, Yammer and Chatter. Make recognition easy by sending from the channels your people use everyday. More details on Redii integrations here.

Employee Reward Software


Bring your cultural values to life with the stories that make them real. Donuts for one team, all expenses paid weekend for another? Ensure your leaders and employees are recognising in a consistent way.

Let your team add colour to the achievements of their peers and celebrate with unlimited cat or confetti emojis

Employee Reward and Recognition Software


Intuitive and user friendly recognition interface. No handbooks or hand holding required to get your employees up and running with recognition.


Make your program reflect who you are - from quirky award names and icons, to backdrops full of colour. Redii is customised for you. Easy to set-up, administer awards and generate reports.

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Exciting rewards catalogue


From getting new Airpods with a JB-HIFI voucher, or learning to fly a helicopter. Our rewards catalogue offers popular gift cards including RedBalloon, Adrenaline and Myer, so there’s something in there for every employee.