Importance of Employee Recognition

Importance of Employee Recognition

It makes all the difference in the world

The importance of employee recognition in todays modern workplace has been proven in numerous studies. Employee recognition has evolved. Rather than focusing on tenure and recognising people who meet employment milestones. The impact of employee-designed and employee-led recognition programs where the recognition is frequent and authentic, is getting a lot of attention because it represents a great investment.

Employees who are recognised are engaged and engaged employees equate to higher retention rates and reduced absenteeism. Great work relationships are fostered by positive environments and a ‘culture of recognition’ makes workplaces where employees want to be at work and want to do their best work.

Recognition reinforces the behaviours you want to see more of in your organisation to help align all your people to your goals and vision.

Recognition is a great investment.

Recognition boosts employee engagement.

Peer to peer recognition is extremely powerful.

Recognition highlights behaviours you want to see.

What is an Employee Recognition program?