How to reward your employees this Christmas?

How to reward your employees this Christmas

As another year starts to come to a close it is only natural to reflect on the year that was, both personally and professionally. If you run a business or a team, has this year been one you are proud of? Did you lead in a way that served your team? Or is there anything you would change?

One of the biggest myths that surrounds leadership is that as a leader, you are responsible for the everyday happiness of your team. “People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses” has been the mantra for decades.

And yes they do, but they also quit teams…

As a leader it’s not enough to just focus on you and your relationship with each individual. It’s about how your team functions together.

Your job as a leader is to bolster the cross functional relationships, the inter-personal relationships and ensure high performance as an outcome.

So often you hear teams referred to as ‘a family’ in order to communicate a desired sense of connectedness. But who has a normal family? So often our families are dysfunctional but yet we are wired to love unconditionally. You can’t fire them for poor performance.

When Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, talks team he means more pro sports team. Where everyone plays to their strengths, united behind the same goal: winning.

Working this way means you need to change how you lead. First you need to ensure everyone is 100% aware of the goal they are working towards. One single metric, one simple statement. What is it you want your team to deliver?

Next you need to ensure each member is playing to their strengths. Work with them on what they should stop doing, start doing or keep doing. They might surprise you with their suggestions.

Finally get them to understand and appreciate the unique skillset of the other members of the team. How do they approach each relationship to get the best overall outcome? Emotional intelligence coaching and strengths based leadership will play a huge part in giving your team a sense of ownership for the relationships with each other.

Once this is in place, solidify the sense of team by allowing each member to recognise each other for great performance. This constantly keeps the bar rising and keeps everyone driven to success and supporting each other.

So if you choose to do anything before the year ends, choose Culture. Christmas is a great time to start a recognition program. People are more open to change and are already in the mood for spreading cheer and gratitude.

Starting a program with a simple Christmas thank you award could be just the boost your team needs in to the new year.

One of our clients recently created the Merry Christmas award. 300 employees were sent this cute “Santa” with the value of $25 AU that adds to all the recognition the employees have received throughout the year. The most amazing thing: ZERO ADMINISTRATION FOR YOU.

Give Redii a go, book a personalised demo.

The one thing your employees probably want more than anything this Christmas is recognition from you. Recognition that the contribution they made this year mattered.

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