Extending the honeymoon period: How to keep your employees happy after onboarding

Extending the honeymoon period: How to keep your employees happy after onboarding

Extending the honeymoon period: How to keep your employees happy after onboarding

The interview was stellar, they accepted your offer and then their first impression at the company was perfect – looks like things are getting off to the right start with your new employee! But as any experienced leader knows, this ‘honeymoon period’ won’t last forever. While that’s true, there are strategies you can employ to extend the honeymoon period and keep your new team members happy and motivated for the future.

What’s involved in the onboarding process?

When delivered intelligently, the onboarding process can enhance employee retention rates and help you build your dream team. In fact, research shows that “90% of companies believe their employees make their decision to stay at the company within the first six months”.

So what are the essentials when building your onboarding process?

  • Solidify the process: This includes ensuring the new hire is fully prepared for their tasks, they have a functioning workspace and all the necessary paperwork is prepared.
  • Get everyone acquainted: Gather the whole team for a friendly welcome in the morning, introduce them to their co-workers and leadership team, and make sure they are comfortable and familiar with the workplace, as well as nearby amenities.
  • Train up: Clarify their responsibilities and have them set both short and long-term goals. Partner them with an experienced employee for any necessary training, and consider offering them a mentorship program with someone in leadership.

While some of these steps can be conducted on their first day, the onboarding process itself could take several months. It’s important to check in with your new hire regularly to ensure they are on the right track and to answer any questions.

How can you transform their initial positivity into ongoing momentum?

The first day, first week and first month in a new job is a hugely exciting time, but how can you harness that initial positivity to extend the honeymoon period?

Of course the onboarding process is crucial, and it should start well before your new hire arrives for their first day. But beyond getting them acquainted with the company, there are a few ways you can build momentum to ensure they stay happy and productive:

  • Organise regular one-on-ones: A LinkedIn survey of more than 14,000 professionals found that 96% of people see one-on-ones with their manager as “the most important aspect of their onboarding process”. So why stop at a single session? Make it a priority to sit down with your new hire at least once a month.
  • Set goals together: There’s nothing better for teamwork than a group of employees working together to achieve their goals. A rewards and recognition program could be exactly what your company needs to set short and long-term goals, both for the overall business and as individuals.
  • Build a culture around them: More than four out of five new hires don’t stick around because of a lack of cultural fit. By broadcasting how your company operates – for example, on social media channels and of course during the interview process – you have a better chance of making the right hire. Once your new employee is on-site, it’s important to integrate them with the culture and get them to actively contribute to its development. Brainstorming sessions, team goal-setting and offering rewards for a job well done are all easy ways to generate a more positive company culture.

Let your new team member be vocal

They might be shy on their first day, but over time your new hires will come out of their shells and want to actively contribute. Fostering this early on can ensure they are comfortable discussing their aspirations and any ways they believe the company could function better.

Team members who are vocal are also more likely to seek out feedback and put their hand up for additional duties.

Be honest and give valuable feedback

Speaking of feedback, it’s important to deliver it in a safe environment where the conversation is back and forth – rather than you listing off a series of positives or negatives about your employee.

And while it’s important to be honest about the new hire’s successes, and any areas where they need to work harder, the feedback itself should be a chance for them to share their opinions on the company as well. Open, free-flowing communication should go both ways – and you never know what you might learn from your team members.

Be conscious of providing recognition – not just on day one, but consistently

Rewarding your team should be an ongoing strategy. Moreover, you can build that strategy into your company’s day-to-day by deploying a rewards and recognition platform. Employees can monitor their progress, target specific goals and even generate some friendly rivalries on the company leaderboard.

Gamifying the workplace could be exactly what your business needs to boost productivity, foster greater employee wellbeing and improve your bottom line.

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