Building a great workplace

Building a great workplace

How to build and budget an employee recognition program.

When someone says “great place to work”, the first things people often think of are stunning offices with high ceilings, bright feature walls, sleep pods, free food and ping-pong tables. But more research shows that while those things are nice and often do make people happy, on their own, they won’t make a positive, long-term impact on your company’s culture and effectiveness.

Perks might attract people and provide short-term boosts in productivity and morale, but on their own, are not enough to transform the culture of a workplace and create an environment where people are thriving.

Perks can also come with a big price-tag; enough to turn off even the most enlightened or enthusiastic of CFOs. So how do you create an environment where people are both equipped and motivated to do their best work every day without running your budget into the red?

We have prepared a fantastic workbook that covers how to tap into one often overlooked but effective lever when it comes to cultural change – employee recognition.

We’ll go through the step-by-step process of how and why to design an employee recognition program that provides two critical things to achieve sustained happiness and fulfilment for your people: acknowledgement when people have contributed to meaningful work, and continuous, relevant feedback from both peers and leaders.

Download this FREE workbook and follow these easy principles for building and budgeting effective employee recognition, and you – and your people – will be well on your journey to positive cultural change and sustained excellence.

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