About Redii

Redii was born out of 5 times ‘Best Place to Work’ and Australian SME success story RedBalloon. Starting its life as the internal software built to support RedBalloon’s employee framework.

The Story of Redii

employee recognition software

  1. We’re a passionate bunch of people who have been lucky enough to work inside some great cultures. Cultures that celebrate the wins, the failures and the journey. Cultures that make you feel supported no matter what the workday throws at you.

    We’ve been in the recognition business for over 10 years and for us Redii is the manifestation of how you do recognition in this increasingly busy digital world. Sometimes we don’t always have time to physically connect with the people that help or support us every day. Sometimes we forget to say, ‘well done’ or ‘great job’.

    But that simple act, can make the biggest difference to how someone feels about working for you. And the impact of it flows all the way to the bottom line.

  2. Our Purpose

    We believe that corporations should start to shoulder some of the burden for the increasing levels of stress and anxiety, obesity and depression we experience today. As in many cases we are the catalyst for it. Recognition can play a big part in how ‘connected’, ‘valued’ and ‘competent’ an employee feels.

    We want to create workplace cultures that look after people’s wellbeing. We know that when an employee is proud of where they work – they do their best work, and the customer experience will reflect this.

Companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at improving employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover